Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Sea Day

North Pacific Ocean Looking East towards Canada
Quantum of the Seas
August 29, 2023

 The overcast skies followed us most of the night and during the early portion of the day as our good ship, Quantum of the Seas, plied the waters heading north. The sun did break free at one point to illuminate the beautiful North Pacific Ocean, yes we were in the one point of the journey where we were in-between Puget Sound and Alaska's Inside Passage. 

We arrive this morning in Ketchikan, Alaska and the weather forecast is for rain, overcast skies, and a high of 58 degrees! And we have outdoors activities planned!

Sequins & Feathers Show
Quantum of the Seas
August 29, 2023
Our Sea Day was busy. We enjoyed a welcome reception for Royal Caribbean top tier travelers--yes, we have finally arrived in the top tiers (although at the bottom). There was also a moving salute to veterans. The afternoon saw us enjoy the hot tub for a while to melt away the aches and pains from the just a bit too hard bed.

For our evening entertainment, after dinner, we attended the show Sequins & Feathers. It was 45 minutes of bright colors, dancing, and live music including singing. It was fun to watch and was the almost perfect exclamation point for a fun and enjoyable day. 

We are looking forward to getting feet on the ground in Alaska. Although I have been fortunate to visit Alaska on a number of occasions, this will be Chris's inaugural visit to the great northern state. As I have not visited any of the places on our itinerary, I am also very excited about being in the region. 

And our ship sails on. 

-- Bob Doan, Quantum of the Seas off the coast of Alaska

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