Saturday, August 5, 2023

Saturday Shorts


Well, Saturday has arrived and along with it the end of the week (would that be weekend?). 


In response to my blog yesterday about jellyfish, among other things, my friend and former racquetballer, Jason, sent the image to the right. 

It made me laugh. Thanks, Jason.


In other activities, Chris and I went to see the movie Oppenheimer yesterday. I highly recommend the movie! It is solid history and a compelling story. I found some similarities to the movie The Imitation Game. It is sad how we use brilliant people and then discard them when we cannot reconcile their beliefs or lifestyle with ours.


Army Chief of Staff General James McConville, the 40th person to hold that position, retired today [yesterday]. Because Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has put a hold on military promotions for the past 8 months, there is no Senate-confirmed leader to take McConville’s place. There are eight seats on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the group of the most senior military officers who advise the president, homeland security officials, the secretary of defense, and the National Security Council. Currently, two of those seats are filled by acting officials who have not been confirmed by the Senate.

Politico’s defense reporter Paul McLeary wrote that as of today, there are 301 senior military positions filled by temporary replacements as Tuberville refuses to permit nominations to go through the Senate by the usual process. Two more members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will retire before the end of September. (Letters to an American)

Does anyone else see this as a potentially crippling our military? I thought Republicans were strong on defense? 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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