Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Look--in the Surf!

Flat Atlantic
Jupiter Island, FL
August 1, 2023

 Chris and I managed a morning beach walk yesterday. I write managed because we actually got around and gathered Finnegan to hit the beach and enjoy the morning. 

The Atlantic was flat. I was surprised  to see how flat the ocean was, but I enjoyed looking at it and even getting into the water for an enjoyable couple of minutes. I love the ocean when it is flat. 

Nurse Shark Along the Beach
Jupiter Island, FL
August 1, 2023

I walked the beach mostly with my feet well into the water. The occasional wave would hit well above my knees. So I was actually walking in the water.

As I was looking into the surf, I noticed a small shark swimming along with me, just in where the water begins to get deep. The shark was hunting, but also pacing me as I walked along the beach. I called Chris over and she also saw the shark.

I did manage to get an image of it. I had another one, but the light was such that you really cannot see the shark in the water without actually knowing that it is there. 

This is the second time that I have seen a nurse shark right along the beach in the past month. I need to keep a wary eye on the surf. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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