Saturday, August 26, 2023

Going up the Mountain

At the Sunset Turnoff
Mt Rainier National Park
August 25, 2023

 We enjoyed a mountain top experience. 

We set our sights on Mt Rainier yesterday and checked another national park off the list. Although the day started rainy, and we departed Kent, WA, under stormy skies, by the time we arrived at the mountain the day was breaking into full sunshine. I am glad that I can read a weather radar. 

Looking Down the Valley
Mt Rainier National Park
August 25, 2023
We had a great time exploring the national park. There was so much natural beauty to see that we ended the day on overload. Well, that's not true--we reveled in every new vista. And images--we took so many images and yesterday was only day one of our almost two-week trip. 

But then who is complaining? Certainly not me. If every day of our trip is as inspiring and beautiful as yesterday, well, then we will have enjoyed the perfect vacation. Wait--is it still a vacation when we are retired? What would we be vacationing from? Hmmmm.

Tree Snot
Mt Rainier National Park
August 25, 2023
And in the funny item of the day, I discovered tree snot! Yup. 

What, you ask, is tree snot? I am not sure. It was just hanging there on a tree branch. Fortunately, it was not dripping.

From the Today I Learned (TIL) department. The tallest trees in the forest are Douglas fir. The same trees that many people decorate for Christmas. And not only that, I also learned that the only trees that grow taller are the giant sequoias. Really cool! And they are tall!

-- Bob Doan, Kent, WA

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