Sunday, August 6, 2023

Bright Skies

Bright Sky
Indian River Lagoon, FL
August 2, 2023

 I have become to appreciate days with bright skies. 

This summer has been the summer of haze and smoke. When we have been in Maryland the skies are dulled by the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. The some has been at times so bad that the smell of burning wood lingers in the air. And here in South Florida, we have had days when the skies are muted with Saharan dust. 

The world is suffering and we see the evidence in the skies. 

The other day the skies cleared and I was able to, once again, enjoy the sapphire blue sky over the water. It was a sight made more awe inspiring by the weeks of muted and hazy skies. 

A programming note--condolences to the US Women's National Soccer Team which just lost in a shoot-out to Sweden (4-5) and are out of the World Cup. Hopes were so very high for the team entering the competition.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, MD

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