Sunday, August 27, 2023

From Atop the Space Needle

Space Needle
Seattle, WA
August 26, 2023
 It's historic--built during 1961.

And tall--605 feet in the air.

And cool. 

And the view from the top is breathtaking--really!

Chris and I visited Seattle proper yesterday and enjoyed two of the biggest attractions there: the Chihuly Glass Museum and Garden and of course the towering Space Needle. 

Chris and I at the Top
Space Needle, Seattle, WA
August 26, 2023

As the image to the right shows, it was a beautiful day for wandering around the city. 

Once we arrived at the top of the saucer, we had a great time accustoming to the view, which provided far more downward vision that, for instance, being atop the Empire State Building. I have to admit, it took a while to feel comfortable. And then there are the glass panels in the floor on the second level which allow for viewing straight down below as that floor actually moves, slowly, around the central core. 

I ultimately discovered that I really enjoyed being so high and in the open. I king of remember feeling similar standing atop the Eiffel Tower--but that was a few decades ago.

Straight Down through the Floor
Space Needle, Seattle, WA
August 26, 2023
The Space Needle caters to adults with the inclusion of bars at the top make the experience more enjoyable and, perhaps, to help calm the nerves of some of the guests. 

I fully enjoyed an IPA while viewing life outside of and down below the needle. 

I must confess that as we departed the upper floor for the lower which revolves, I did have some trepidation about stepping onto the see through glass floor. Fortunately, there are also panels which do not provide the "see through" experience. 

After a few minutes I was able to both walk onto the glass flooring and look down! I do not think I am yet ready for the glass bridge at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon!

What a glorious day and so much fun. The only negative was the line we waited in at the bottom even though we had timed entry admission. The entry process could and should be managed better. I actually overheard attendants say that they would not turn away anyone arriving in the wrong time slot because the line was so long. That discussion seemed to accept the fact that the process is poorly managed and it occurred after a patron pointed out that there were people in line over an hour early for their timed entries while those with current timed entries were still a long way from the entry. 

-- Bob Doan, Kent, Washington

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