Monday, December 26, 2022

Monday Musings - December 26, 2022


1. It is the last Monday of December and also the last Monday of 2022. Next Monday will be the first Monday of 2023. I hope you had a great Christmas.

2. Family NFL Report. It was a good week for the family teams which went 3-1 in their games. Two teams, Ravens and Cowboys, have secured playoff spots and both of the other teams are remain in playoff contention. 

   Ravens (10-5) defeat Falcons (5-10), 17-9

   Steelers (7-8) defeat Raiders (6-9), 13-10

   Cowboys (11-4) defeat Eagles (13-2), 40-34

   Commanders (7-7-1) lose to 49ers (11-4), 20-37

Christmas Morning Breakfast
Odenton, MD
December 25, 2022

3. What is better than a Christmas morning waffle breakfast before opening presents? Almost nothing. Thanks to Mike and Nicole for a fantastic breakfast and morning. And then thanks to Patrick and Jen for a fabulous Christmas Day and feast.

4. Today is a holiday--to celebrate Christmas! Do not expect mail delivery. Nothing will be arriving except late Christmas gifts sent by express mail.

5. The cold weather has reminded me that I can survive in the north, but I do not desire to do so. I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and bike riding. Yes, it was cold in South Florida this week, but 80 degree temperatures return starting on Saturday.

6. The blog may be late tomorrow as we are hitting the open for Florida, depending upon the weather, of course. The current forecast calls for clear skies all the way. Not even the usual afternoon rain in South Florida. 

7. Today in History. Mobster Bugsy Siegel opens the glitzy Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 26, 1946. Well-known singer and comedian Jimmy Durante headlined the night's entertainment, with music by Cuban band leader Xavier Cugat. Some of infamous gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel’s Hollywood friends, including actors George Raft, George Sanders, Sonny Tufts and George Jessel were in attendance.

The grand opening of the Flamingo Hotel, however, was a flop. Bad weather kept many other Hollywood guests from arriving. And because gamblers had no rooms at the hotel, they took their winnings and gambled elsewhere. The casino lost $300,000 in the first week of operation.

Storm Leaves at Least 12 Dead in Buffalo, N.Y., Area - The Wall Street Journal

Housing Slump Set to Give Fed an Inflation-Fighting Assist - The Wall Street Journal

Florida Restarts Push to Feed Manatees - The Wall Street Journal

Transgender or devoutly Christian? An Iowa teen refuses to choose. - The Washington Post

Migrants bused from Texas arrive at VP’s house in D.C. on frigid Christmas Eve - The Washington Post

Vandals destroy 22,000-year-old sacred cave art in Australia - CNN

Three Russian servicemen killed after drone shot down at air base inside Russia - CNN

China's COVID cases overwhelm hosptials - Reuters

Taiwan reports China's largest incursion yet to air defence zone - Reuters

South Korea scrambles jets as North Korea sends drones over border - Reuters

-- Bob Doan, Odenton, MD

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