Sunday, December 18, 2022

Lizards Amongst Us


Northern Curly Tailed Lizard
Tequesta, FL
December 16, 2022

One thing that has taken some time to get used to are the lizards which are everywhere. They range from very small to sizable; however, we do not have any (many) of the large iguanas in our area. With cold weather in the 30s expected next week there will be falling lizard warnings issued. When a large iguana gets cold and falls form a tree it is dangerous to those below.

Small lizards routinely dart across the sidewalks and street in front of me as I bike. I have decided that I will let Darwin determine their fate under my wheels. That are just too many to try and avoid.

Most of the lizards are the common curly-tailed lizards. On occasion I do see one with a brightly colored head scurry in front of me, but they are gone from view in the flash of an eye. 

As the weather has turned cooler the lizards are looking for warm places to reside. One enterprising lizard is making its home in the cover for the smoker. The lizard can be quite startling, as when it actually jumped onto my leg on its way to open land just off the porch. I have to admit, it was the first time a lizard had actually jumped onto me in an effort to escape. Later in the day it was back in the folds of the cover where it seems to be taking refuge from the cold. 

I remember when I first started coming to South Florida a couple decades ago that the lizards were quite an attraction. Now they have become part of the environment and we hardly notice them. Riordin does a good job keeping them out of the garage. I think he believes that he is the great lizard hunter! It gives him something to do. What else is there for an indoors cat to fill its time?

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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