Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Monday Along the River

Jupiter Lighthouse
Jupiter, FL
December 12, 2022

 Chris and I enjoyed a mid-December Monday in South Florida. The temperature never rose above the mid-70's and it was in the mid-60s when Chris and I started our morning bike ride. We rode a pleasant 15.47 miles and enjoyed the start to the day. 

As the day progressed and we finished addressing Christmas cards, we decided that rather than go to the beach for Happy Hour, where we knew the wind would be cold, we would head off to one of our favorite watering holes, The Square Grouper. And it was a good decision. 

The evening was very pleasant, even a bit cool, but sitting along the bank of the Loxahatchee River with the scene filled by the Jupiter Lighthouse was a perfect ending to the day. It was perfect because as we rode our bikes we crossed the Loxahatchee River or one of its branches multiple times and here we were relaxing along the banks of the river not far from where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. I could see the rough ocean waves at the mouth of the inlet from where I was sitting. 

With the Winter Solstice just over a week away, on December 21st, the sun set shortly after we arrived at the Square Grouper. I watched the reflection of the lighthouse change as the sun sank lower to the horizon. It made for an early evening as the temperature also cooled with the sunset.

Chris and I were going to play golf this morning, but I woke to a malfunctioning air conditioning system! Ugh. I replaced it two years ago. Fortunately, it is fully covered and should be returned to full operating function later today. 

Always something. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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