Monday, December 19, 2022

Monday Musings - December 19, 2022


1. The third Monday of December has arrived. There is only one Monday remaining in the year! Christmas is less than one week away!

2. Family NFL Report. It was a rough weekend for the family teams. Collectively they went 1-3, ugh, with the 3 likely playoff bound teams all losing! It was a good week to be a 5-8 team.

  Ravens (9-5) lose a yawner to Browns (6-8), 3-13

  Cowboys (10-4) lose to Jaguars (6-8), 34-40

  Steelers (6-8) defeat Panthers (5-9), 24-16

  Commanders (7-6-1) lose to Giants (8-5-1), 12 - 20

3. I am really upset at the NFL. I was prepared to watch the Ravens game on Saturday only to find that I had to buy a subscription to NFLHD. I am beginning to believe that Congress needs to treat the NFL as a monopoly. I dod not, thankfully, watch the game. It is likely that my TV would not have survived.

Finn, Makayla, Riordin
Tequesta, FL
February 11, 2022
Finn and Riordin
Tequesta, FL
December 17, 2022

4. I had a moment Saturday night when Chris and I were sitting on the patio enjoying adult beverages and conversation. Finn and Riordin came to the door reminding me of a scene from earlier in the year except that Makayla had been part of the pack on that occasion. I still miss my best dog.

5. Travel week is upon us. We will be heading off to the frozen northlands to celebrate Christmas. It will be good to see family and friends to celebrate the holiday. 

6. Congratulations to Argentina for winning the World Cup. It was a fantastic game and although I was cheering for the French team to repeat, I am not unhappy with the results. Unlike so many other championship games the two stars, Messi and Mbappe, one from each team, showed up and gave a championship worthy performance scoring 5 of the 6 goals recorded in the game. 

7. Today in History. December 19, 1998. After nearly 14 hours of debate, the House of Representatives approves two articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, charging him with lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice. Clinton, the second president in American history to be impeached, vowed to finish his term.

In November 1995, Clinton began an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a 21-year-old unpaid intern. Over the course of a year and a half, the president and Lewinsky had nearly a dozen sexual encounters in the White House. In April 1996, Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon. That summer, she first confided in Pentagon co-worker Linda Tripp about her sexual relationship with the president. In 1997, with the relationship over, Tripp began secretly to record conversations with Lewinsky, in which Lewinsky gave Tripp details about the affair.

U.K. Companies Tested by Fallout From Ukraine War - The Wall Street Journal

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Vatican dismisses Trump-supporting, anti-abortion leader from priesthood - Reuters

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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