Saturday, June 26, 2021

Weekend Rolling In

Rainy Saturday Morning
Elkridge, MD
June 26, 2021

 Sometimes it is hard to believe that the weekend, which I anticipate all week, has arrived. 

I wish that I could sleep in, but the animals in the house are trained to be up and around by about 5:00--and so my idea of sleeping-in consists of maybe an additional 30 minutes until Makayla starts whining to go out. As she did today.

It rained overnight and in fact it is raining now as I write this, which really puts a damper on the day's activities. But the rains contribute to the lush, green Summer that I am experiencing. 

I had planned on taking some refuge to the landfill, and it should dry enough to do that later. Tomorrow I get to play mover again as I have a sofa and love seat to move and a mattress to acquire. I hope it is not raining.

I do so enjoy Saturday and Sunday mornings, however, because I really do not have anywhere that I need to be and I can digest a couple of newspapers, electronically, and catch-up on the news of the week. The rain is good for that as well, it keeps me inside.

Enjoy the day. It is the best one that we have.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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