Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Cicada in the House

It was very creepy last evening as I was shutting down the house for nighttime. 

I turned the lights off in the living room and then heard the distinct buzzing of a Brood X Cicada somewhere in the room. And then I felt it fly past my ear making the awful sound that they make. 

It took collaboration with Riordin, our cat, to find the bug and corral it and then grab it gently by the wings to move it outside. 

Yes, I relocated it and did not flush it like I do the numerous stinkbugs which invade our dwelling. 

I am very respectful of the bugs. They are, after all, 17 years old and I believe have a right to ensure the continuation of their species. Enough of them are being splattered on windshields that I wonder if it will hinder the continuance of their kind at some date in the future. I remember the stories of the passenger pigeon which used to darken the skies, but went extinct in 1914. Perhaps it takes billions of cicadas to ensure the continuation of the species. 

I for one am happy that they are providing free aeration of the soil.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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