Thursday, June 17, 2021

Masks, Vaccines, and the Mood


I'm feeling a change in the country.

A renewed sense of positivity! 

As the COVID-19 infection numbers drop and we begin to resume our lives which were put on hold for about 16 months--things are moving forward. Finally. 

I will not miss wearing a facial covering, I have to admit. I had to wear one in the allergist's office yesterday and I had forgotten how freeing it is not to wear one. I am lucky in that I do not have to wear one at work anymore. I am hoping to see less and less of the signs above. 

The vaccine seems to be working in reducing the rate and severity of infection.

I only wonder how long it will be effective?

But as the mood improves and the country gets back on its feet, I think we will finally be able to leave the darkness of the pandemic and move forward. 

All of this is a good thing.

When will the wineries open for tastings like BC (before covid)?

That is one question I still have.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

1 comment:

Hanni said...

Bob, I agree it is nice to NOT have to wear a mask. However, I choose to wear one when out shopping (groceries and the like). I’ve noticed that it’s probably about 50-50 for yes and no with the mask wearing. If I could be assured that those unvaccinated people were wearing their mask, I might consider not wearing mine. I hate wearing it, but would hate even more getting even a mild case of Covid without it. I’m not as young as you are😂

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