Tuesday, June 29, 2021

As the Heat Returns

Lily on the Pool
Elkridge, MD
April 4. 2021

After the cold spell which saw temperatures were in the low 50's and even high 40's overnight, the hot summer 90 degree plus weather has returned. And I am cheering! The pool is back up to the optimal summertime swimming temperature and it feels awesome to fall into the warm waters.

If I cannot be at the beach to enjoy a hot summer day, I want to be able to enjoy my pool. Napping on a floatie with a cold drink in my hand on a summer afternoon is almost the best that it can be.

The pool is clear and the water is balanced. Perfection for the short four month period every year when we actually can enjoy the pool. Until the pool was opened and the water warmed the only ones who really enjoyed it were the dogs, like Lily did during April earlier this year. A few nice days here or there do not offset the expense of keeping the pool clean and balanced. 

I think we opened the pool the latest ever this year. Truly. But, the weather since has meant that we made a good decision--between the continual rains and the too cold temperatures it has not been a lot of fun to be in the pool.

But that has changed, with the arrival of hot summer days. 

Here comes the sun, heat, and humidity! Everything for which a summertime in Maryland is know. 

And the pool water is beckoning. 

Why am I working when the pool is calling? Remind me again?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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