Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Musings - June 7, 2021


1. It is the first Monday of the month of June 2021. The month is off to a fast start. There are 29 Mondays remaining in the year!

2. Summer officially begins on June 20, which is now less than two weeks away. Prepare for the solstice! Although the day of the solstice is supposed to be the longest day of the year, this year, the 20th and the 21st are within 1 second of each other.

3. Look at the Orioles! After suffering through a 14 game losing streak, they have won 4 of the last 5 games! Amazing! They no longer have the worst record in baseball, that honor belongs to the Arizona Diamondbacks, at least for this week.

Barrel Room at Big Cork Winery
Rohersville, MD
June 6, 2021
4. What to do on a hot pre-Summer Sunday afternoon? Head to the mountains of Maryland and Northern Virginia to taste wine! That made for a great Sunday afternoon. Good food, friends, and of course wine was the star of the show.

5. It is clear that traffic has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels! the roads are jammed again at rush hour. 

6. With the long days for the remainder of the month, I wonder what fun evening activities that we will find in which to engage.

7. Chris and I have been watching a series on Netflix and came to its end. I researched the series and determined that there will be no further seasons to enjoy. It is sad when a good series ends, kid of like ending a book. 

8. Today in History. On June 7, 1913, Hudson Stuck, an Alaskan missionary, leads the first successful ascent of Denali (formerly known as Mt. McKinley), the highest point on the American continent at 20,320 feet.

Stuck, an accomplished amateur mountaineer, was born in London in 1863. After moving to the United States, in 1905 he became archdeacon of the Episcopal Church in Yukon, Alaska. Stuck traveled Alaska’s difficult terrain to preach to villagers and establish schools.

In March 1913, the adventure-seeking Stuck set out from Fairbanks for Denali with three companions, Harry Karstens, co-leader of the expedition, Walter Harper, whose mother was a Native American, and Robert Tatum, a theology student. Their arduous journey was made more challenging by difficult weather and a fire at one of their camps, which destroyed food and supplies. However, the group persevered and on June 7, Harper, followed by the rest of the party, was the first person to set foot on Denali's south peak, considered the mountain’s true summit. (In 1910, a group of climbers had reached the lower north peak.)

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Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say that we are in a time when there are no heroes just don't know where to look. You can see heroes every day going in and out of factory gates. Others, a handful in number, produce enough food to feed all of us and then the world beyond. You meet heroes across a counter--and they are on both sides of that counter. There are entrepreneurs with faith in themselves and faith in an idea who create new jobs, new wealth and opportunity. They are individuals and families whose taxes support the Government and whose voluntary gifts support church, charity, culture, art, and education. Their patriotism is quiet but deep. Their values sustain our national life. 

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