Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Working during Coronavirus

Splitting Wood
Elkridge, MD
April 20, 2020
It was an enjoyable April day. The temperature moderated and it did not rain. 

The Splitter at Work
Elkridge, MD
April 20, 2020
What a great day for some heavy yard work, like splitting logs from ash trees that had been felled and were laying around. They were too big, as they lay, to be used as firewood and another season on the ground would render them worthless for anything other than residences for the flora and fauna that would transform them from wood into soil over the next few years. 

It was also a great day to get heavy work done while practicing social distancing during the coronavirus stay-at-home order. Fortunately, renting construction and construction-related equipment is allowed during the stay-at-home order. 

Chris enjoyed using the splitter. Here is a short video of her splitting the logs. She does a good job. 

After we worked through the pile of logs that we had assembled, I got the chainsaw out and cut many more in an effort to clear some of the mess in the underbrush. 

The ash trees were magnificent and provided a dense canopy, now they will provide enjoyment as we sit around our fire pit during the evenings and enjoy wine with friends, pending of course the end of the stay-at-home orders and relaxing of social distancing.  

I note that the loss of the magnificent ash trees was due to the emerald ash borer which, like coronavirus, was brought to us compliments of China.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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