Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Deepening Lockdown

It's not a quarantine!  

Newly Mowed Lawn - First of the Season
Elkridge, MD
March 31, 2020
Quarantines are for sick or exposed people. For those of us who are not sick nor have been exposed, it is isolation!

Of course, the word isolation has been softened to "social distancing."

Snake in the Grass
Elkridge, MD
March 31, 2020
Chris and I complied yesterday with the stay at home order, only venturing out once during the early morning for essential food items. That written, we did have a number of workers over to work the pool project late during the day but we maintained our distance.  Today, hopefully the plaster will be applied and the real fun can begin. 

As I was reinstalling the pool pump, I discovered a snake out sunning itself--well, there wasn't any sun, but it is now the second time I have seen the snake in a week. 

And the news still gets bad. The New York Times is sponsoring a free section to provide news about the outbreak.

The Coronavirus Outbreak - The New York Times

Despite the bad news, don't lose heart. Remember that it is April Fool's Day! No, the bad news is not a cruel joke, it is real. 

From everything I am reading and seeing, closely following the guidelines for social distancing and personal hygiene is successful in keeping us safe.

Stay safe:

Do not congregate with strangers! 

Don't go into crowded stores or places where people are not practicing good social distancing. 

Wash your hands! 

Don't forget to wipe down your car in addition to the common surfaces in your house. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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