Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Filling another Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Day

Firepit from Above
Elkridge, MD
April 19, 2020
On Sunday, while I had Radio Flyer flying, I took a couple images just for fun. I gave me something to do on a coronavirus Sunday. I have been fascinated with what is called the "Birdseye" view of things on the ground. It is amazing how different something looks from the air rather than from our normal perspective. I thought this was a very interesting view from about only 35 feel AGL. Radio Flyer was below the trees, yet imaged this unique view of the fire pit. Interestingly, the chairs that usually are around the pit are missing, because it had been rainy and cold since I mowed the week before. 

The Pool
Elkridge, MD
April 19, 2020
The other image that I took was of the pool. The recently replastered pool which is now full of water and fully swimmable, although it is too cold to even consider getting into the water at this point. This image was taken from about 50 feet AGL to get the whole pool in the frame. As an aside, I received an interesting notice from my electric supplier the other day advising me that we were using more electricity during April than is normal and to expect a high bill than in previous years. I quickly determined that the increase is because we have been running the 1 1/2 horsepower pump daily since the end of March when the pool was filled with water. But, the pool, as you can see, is looking great!! I cannot wait for warmer temperatures and summertime parties!

Every day, it seems, I must find new a way to enjoy the day while protecting myself from coronavirus exposure. I know that this is not a dress rehearsal for retirement because I cannot go to the beach! And when I am retired there will be a daily obligatory walk on the beach.

 Important Update from Yesterday: Working during the Coronavirus

No limbs or digits were lost during the making of the video showing Chris splitting wood. For that matter, no limbs or digits were lost by either of us during the entire time we rented the log splitter.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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