Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday Musings - April 13, 2020

1. It is the second Monday of April and as the month churns towards the halfway point we remain under a "Stay at Home" Order.

2. Coronavirus and COOVID-19 are the leading news topics from around the world. 

Dogwood Tree
Elkridge, MD
April 12, 2020
3. The dogwood tree in my backyard is in bloom as the springtime deepens. I continue to love the flowers and the colors of the Spring which portends the summer to come.

4. I keep looking at the airline fares trying to plan a trip to my Florida home, but I cannot determine when we will be free to move about the country again. 

5. The rain pounding against my window this morning will keep me from heading outside to enjoy the day. 

6. Thank goodness for Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, Amazon Echo Show and whatever other video communication application that there may be out there, we can be present without actually being together!

7. April showers bring May flowers -- it is really raining today!

8. Be smart--practice social distancing and stay home!

9. I noticed that cruise line fares are at an all-time low point! Perhaps a cruise is in the future.

10. Today in History. On April 13, 1997, 21-year-old Tiger Woods wins the prestigious Masters Tournament by a record 12 strokes in Augusta, Georgia. It was Woods’ first victory in one of golf’s four major championships—the U.S. Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship, and the Masters—and the greatest performance by a professional golfer in more than a century. It also made him the youngest golfer by two years to win the Masters and the first person of Asian or African heritage to win a major.
  (Personal note--I miss golf, all of the golf courses are closed!)


Chinese Citizens Returning From Russia Fuel Coronavirus Spike - The New York Times

50 Years Ago, 3 Astronauts Survived Apollo 13. Could It Happen Again? - The New York Times

Officials worldwide declare Easter Bunny ‘essential worker’ - OANN

Smithfield shutting U.S. pork plant indefinitely, warns of meat shortages during pandemic - Reuters

Record oil output cuts fail to make waves in coronavirus-hit market - Reuters

Thomas Jefferson Quote for the Week
In honor of Thomas Jefferson's birthday, today, I decided to find a quote from him to provide inspiration for the week ahead.

Called upon to undertake the duties of the first Executive office of our country, I avail myself of the presence of that portion of my fellow citizens which is here assembled to express my grateful thanks for the favor with which they have been pleased to look towards me, to declare a sincere consciousness that the task is above my talents, and that I approach it with those anxious and awful presentiments which the greatness of the charge, and the weakness of my powers so justly inspire. A rising nation, spread over a wide and fruitful land, traversing all the seas with the rich productions of their industry, engaged in commerce with nations who feel power and forget right, advancing rapidly to destinies beyond the reach of mortal eye; when I contemplate these transcendent objects, and see the honour, the happiness, and the hopes of this beloved country committed to the issue and the auspices of this day, I shrink from the contemplation & humble myself before the magnitude of the undertaking. Utterly indeed should I despair, did not the presence of many, whom I here see, remind me, that, in the other high authorities provided by our constitution, I shall find resources of wisdom, of virtue, and of zeal, on which to rely under all difficulties. To you, then, gentlemen, who are charged with the sovereign functions of legislation, and to those associated with you, I look with encouragement for that guidance and support which may enable us to steer with safety the vessel in which we are all embarked, amidst the conflicting elements of a troubled world.
  -- Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801 in the Senate chamber

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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