Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Scene from the Walk--Coping with Coronavirus

Flowering Crabapple
Elkridge, MD
April 6, 2020
As part of my new normal there is the daily walk with the dog or sometimes dogs. Makayla frequently makes clear that she is not interested in the daily activity and is allowed to stay behind and watch TV.  

Found oe Reddit
Being Springtime, the walk allows me the opportunity  to see the Spring arrive in the flowers and the trees. The past couple days have been especially enjoyable as the skies have been clear and the sun warm. Each day, it seems, there is something new to see and enjoy. I have enjoyed seeing the transition of colors in the trees and flowers. From the whites, to the pinks, and reds there seems a progression that is followed every year which allows the bees to find constant sources of food until the summer flowers emerge. 

My big "event" yesterday was going to the allergist for my biweekly shot. I considered skipping it, but Chris reminded me that it is springtime and if I skip my shot I likely will develop a sinus infection that will require going to a doctor for medicine and that doctor will also be caring for coronavirus patients, unlike the allergist. 

During my downtime between brushing the pool and projects, I have begun scouring the internet for interesting things. Yesterday I found this image of a kingfisher which reportedly took years and 720,000 attempts to get perfect. And it is a magnificent image. 

The images and my daily walk help me to find beauty and joy despite the news of the day. I can affect my personal world while I may not be able to change the larger world.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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