Thursday, April 2, 2020

Creating a New Normal

From This--The Pool
Elkridge, MD
March 31, 2020
 One of the hardest things to do during the lockdown is to find a new normal. 

What is the new normal? Everyone has a different idea about it. But everyone also needs to determine what is going to be normal for themselves. Life has changed.

A new normal example might be waking and reading for a while, then getting breakfast, taking care of the morning hygiene, going for a walk, then accomplishing at least one project before lunch. After lunch, I am finding that having one more project to accomplish and then finding some time to relax before sliding into happy hour is effective.  And then begins the evening.

We were lucky, yesterday, that we had the replastering of the pool to break the new normal.

To This - The Pool
Elkridge, MD
April 1, 2020
Chris and I were spectators as a crew replastered our pool. It was quite a thing to watch during the day and I hate to say it, but it dod break the new normal monotony. When the replastering was complete, the pool was transformed from an ugly hole in the ground that I ashamed of into a beautiful new structure designed to ensure enjoyment of the summer and the weather that is ahead. 

Now the real work begins and it will help with the new normal as the pool needs regular, multiple times per day brushing for the next four weeks! Something to add into our coronavirus shelter in place. 

Find something to do, like a multi-day project, to fill the days while confined to our homes.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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