Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018 - A New Chapter

One House in Halethorp, MD
October 31, 2018
A Pirate Ship with Skeleton Fish
Halethorp, MD
October 31, 2018
It was a different Halloween celebration this year as the grandsons are getting older and going their more separate ways. We were still able to enjoy the festivities with all three of them, but in two very separate locations. 

As the evening began, were found ourselves in a neighborhood in Halethorp with Lucas. What a really cool neighborhood. The families living there really go all out for Halloween. The decorations on many of the houses are extensive and fascinating. I took a few images, but they really do not do the neighborhood justice. I was very impressed and we had a lot of fun walking around with Lucas.

Although we could only stay for a short time, we had fun enjoying the decorations in the yards and seeing the kids surging through the neighborhood seeking treasures and candy.

Chris and Ethan
October 31, 2018
Then it was off to Odenton for time with the other two grandsons. 

Another house in Halethorp, MD
Both Jax and Ethan enjoyed their Trick or Treating. Ethan headed out with friends and Jax cruised the neighborhood with family. I was able to enjoy my favorite part of Halloween, sitting on the lawn with an adult beverage handing out candy to the costumed throngs of children passing by. I was also able to chat with the neighbors and enjoy the festivities of the evening. 

Somehow, I failed to get a good picture of Jax in his costume--but it was a creative taco costume. 

Even Finnegan got into the spirit of the evening. He started out as an alligator, but wound up in a lighted jersey because he just didn't like being an alligator. Who would have thought that the dog had two Halloween costumes? He does. It is a cross the Yorkies must bear. 

Well, Halloween is over now and it is onto the best season of the year! Turkey season. 

I will be getting out the Thanksgiving decorations tonight as Halloween heads back into storage until next year.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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