Friday, November 16, 2018

The First Snow

The Yard
November 15, 2018
Looking up the Street about 5 PM
November 15, 2018
Yesterday brought the first snow of the season to the area. 

The region shuddered. Schools were closed. Businesses delayed. Drivers gripped their steering wheels in death grips as they navigated the streets.

I, thankfully, was spared the worst of the event because I was at work and only had to deal with some slushy parking lots and wet streets when I departed for the end of the day.

I watched the traffic patterns as I departed for the day and was able to avoid the worst of the traffic. 

Sadly, the snow had helped remove the remaining leaves from the trees and the landscape has not almost completely adopted its winter season look. Trees without leaves now are generally the standard when looking across the landscape.

Weather Forecast for Elkridge, MD

Despite my wishes to the contrary, we have moved into the last half of November, or Movember for some of us. The first snow is out of the way and the good news that there is that there is no rain in the forecast for the next 8 days--until next weekend, of course. I am very excited. Perhaps the lawn will dry enough so that I can do some leaf removal and cut more wood to get ready for the winter.

We have not has a stretch that long without precipitation in a while. I have a lot of outside things to accomplish as the basement remodel has moved into the frustrating final stages. I am beginning to understand why some people never finish projects, the final few items can be appallingly hard. I am currently struggling with the cabinets--which are disappointingly poorly constructed. But that is a tale for another day.

Bring on the sunshine!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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