Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Floor Begins to Take Shape

Floor Installation
Steve Takes a Break
November 3, 2018
Day one of the expected three day flooring installation of the basement remodeling project was completed yesterday. 

It looks great. 

While the guys doing the installation were installing the flooring in the main room, Chris and I were working in the laundry room and bathroom doing painting and preparation. 

The Repaired Wall
The installation went along smoothly. It was a long process because of the closets and stairs at the beginning of the room. From there, however, the flooring began to get laid more quickly.

I was finally able to paint the repaired wall where a large piece of dry wall was installed. It came out perfectly! I was impressed.

Riordin Inspecting the Laundry Room
Ready for Flooring
We are still undecided about what to do with the stairs. We have a couple of options, but the carpeted stairs are definitely going to get an upgrade.

It was a long day. Chris and I got started about 7 AM and Eric and Steve, the flooring installers arrived shortly after 9. They worked until about 7 PM. We did, however, enjoy happy hour together.

More work to do! Chris and I have to stay in front of them and I think we have a plan to do just that. The floors are prepped, it is just a matter of painting and moving furniture so they have a clear shot.

And then there will be the moldings and baseboards that will have to be installed. 

New cabinets are also being procured to replace the ones that were removed. It is quite a project and I still hope that we will be finished, mostly, by next Saturday!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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