Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Phase 2 - The Project Gets Long

More painting and patching.

Ladder in the Stairwell
October 30,  2018
The realization that there are too many walls to paint became a reality yesterday. Fortunately, Mary, one of our friends, was available and helped Chris paint all day yesterday. Together, they put a huge dent in the painting part of the project.

Last evening, I was in the stairwell painting from my ladder that allows for stair adjustments. At one point, the smell of the paint was becoming overpowering and my food low-level light was flashing. Chris made a mad dash out for pizza leaving me trapped in the basement. Fortunately, there was another way out. 

The main basement room is painted, mostly. We are having some difficulties with the wall board repair, I guess I messed up the taping in one spot, but the now repaired repair is nearly complete. 

The days are beginning to get a bit long. The end, however, is in sight!

It will look great when the floor is laid. Speaking of the floor, it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, I wonder what happened?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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