Friday, November 9, 2018

Frenetic Friday

My Favorite Thanksgiving Decoration
The Season of the Turkey
The threshold of the weekend is here again. I wish that I was happier about it, but this weekend is looking to be one of those frenetic weekends without a lot of rest.

The remodel project is in full swing. I have an assortment of tasks to complete there as the rooms inch ever closer to being able to support occupancy. 

This is also a rare three-day Veterans Day weekend. With Veterans Day falling on Sunday, I get to enjoy what is called Veterans Day Observed on Monday! As I looked at the calendar I realized that the season of the Turkey is almost over. Black Friday is just two weeks away and Thanksgiving is now less than two weeks from being here. November is drawing to a close and it only just seems like it was beginning. Which, in fact it is, it is only the 9th, it just seems later as time is slipping away so quickly.

This weekend is a good example of time slipping by. In addition to working the basement remodel project, I also usually hang the outdoors Christmas lights on Veterans Day. We don't illuminate them until Black Friday to signal the beginning of the Christmas marathon. And, we still have not cut the ornamental grasses around the pool. And, since it has been raining, I have not removed the leaves from the lawn.

So many things and so little time.

Have a memorable Veterans Day!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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