Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Project Continues - Home Depot Gets an F

The flooring for our remodel project arrived yesterday, just in time for today's installation. 

43 Cases of Flooring in the Garage
November 3, 2018
What have we learned from this experience? 

Quire a bit actually. 

I am going to call out Home Depot on this. Their home delivery option, for which extra money is collected, is terrible. The email I received from Home Depot indicated that the flooring would be delivered on 29 or 30 October. Nothing heard from the company until 31 October and then Chris had to spend a lot of time coordinating with Estes, the trucking company, to get the flooring delivered.

Finally, the flooring arrived Friday afternoon, 2 November.

And that is not all. It turns out that home delivery is not really home delivery. It is curbside delivery. The trucking company is not obligated to put the goods into a garage or under cover. They are not required to "cross a threshold." That would be like ordering a washing machine and they leave it on the doorstep.

Wait, I paid extra for all of this hassle!

I would ask for a refund for the delivery fee, but that would not nearly cover the aggravation we experienced.

I probably will never order a large items from Home Depot for home delivery again. It was too frustrating.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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