Friday, October 23, 2015

The Bad-Boy or the Socialist?


Sometimes they tell me what I need to know in a brutally truthful manner. 

I have been watching the Presidential Olympics and am concerned that the final two frontrunners may require a choice between a "bad-boy" businessman who is making it a campaign issue to be politically incorrect or a self-admitted and labeled democratic socialist!

Wow! I'm feeling on the outside of the inner workings of the political system. 

Does Trump ever smile?

Is there no joy?

I am surely hoping that there is a moderate hidden in there somewhere. Someone other than the current front runners.  

I do not think we need bigger government to solve our problems. I think that is what has caused many of our problems, people are looking for the federal government to resolve issue that should be handled at the state or local level. That means bigger government and higher taxes. All of the candidates seem to be trying to impose their personal view of the world upon everyone living in the U.S.

The bad-boy or the socialist? Surely there has to be another option!

Why yes, it appears there is--a former Secretary of State and First Lady who is, in my mind, a flawed choice. She never smiles either.

And then there is the world renown doctor who has some isolationist ideas and has made a few politically incorrect statements of his own while trying, apparently, to be more "Trump-like."

There are a couple of former governors who are rapidly falling off the pace because their messages are fuzzy. 

Fortunately, the is still a year until the election and we will be able to watch the candidates under the microscopic inspection of the news media.

Maybe something good can still happen for the country.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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