Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cancer Awareness of the Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Sadly, though, I wonder if other cancers are forgotten about and under researched as a result of the explosion of awareness for this one aggressive form of cancer?

I have been seeing sports teams wearing pink all month and while I appreciate the emphasis, I would prefer to see other cancer colors represented more widely.

My awareness to other forms of cancer was increased when I was talking with a neighbor who just had a radical surgery as part of their battle against this insidious invader.

Orchid for Testicular Cancer Awareness
As it turns out, breast cancer is not unique by having an awareness month. Almost every month is designated for awareness of other specific cancers. 

Who Knew?

April, for instance, is testicular cancer awareness month and orchid is its color. Most people don't know that.

Emerald for Liver Cancer Awareness
October we know is for breast cancer and its color is pink, but did you know that October is also liver cancer awareness month and its color is emerald?

Check out the full list here!

Cancer sucks! I just want to be sure that all forms of cancer are receiving the research necessary to defeat them.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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