Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spectacular Saturday

It was a busy and enjoyable Saturday that started early and finished late.

I am amazed how many things we can cram into a day that, while related, require travel and preparation.

GORC 80 Lb. Wildcats
October 24, 2015
First up was the last regular season game for the GORC Wildcats 80lb. football team! Go Cats. Unfortunately Jax's team suffered a crushing defeat at the early morning game. It was cold on the field as the sun was rising over the trees in Crofton, MD, and that did not help the play of the Wildcats.

Look at how long the shadows are in the image. Yes, it was that early, especially considering that the sun went behind the clouds for the rest of the day about 9:30 AM. Did I mention cold? It was pretty cold, too!

Jeremy Walking to the Green
Eisenhower Golf Course
October 24, 2015
From the gridiron to the golf course was the next part of my day! Yes, somehow I tried to squeeze in 18 holes of golf. I wasn't entirely successful because the groups in front of us were playing slow and I had to leave after 4 hours and 10 minutes and 15 holes for my evening dinner engagement.  Jeremy and I were teamed up against the Haslup brothers and although we were tied at the turn, the match got away from us and we were too many holes behind when Jeremy and I had to leave. We will get them, next time!

It was a beautiful autumn day, a bit overcast, as the image shows, but a nice day for a round of golf. I wish we could have played better, but it was good to get out and play. The course was in good shape and made for great competition.

After dinner in Baltimore
The evening included a dinner at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Baltimore. The Syracuse phenomenal restaurant has made it to Baltimore! And it was great barbecue. We were out with Jeremy and Nicole to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary! hat an awesome evening in Baltimore enjoying great company. 

What a busy day. But what great memories. 

I wonder what is in store for today?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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