Sunday, October 11, 2015

Football from the Sidelines

Jax Taking a Knee at Halftime
Being a typical October Saturday, I spend part of my day on the sidelines at the GORC Wildcats football game. 

Sadly the homecoming game turned into a 13-6 loss with some critical late penalties and confusion in the lines, but the game was fun not watch and Jax made some great plays and moves. 

What I noticed, however, was that the hardest working people on the team sideline was not the players or the coaches. It was the team Moms. The Moms are responsible for almost everything, except play calling. They soothe hurts and injuries, they ensure the players remain well hydrated. They are the busiest people on the sidelines. 

Nicole Racing to the Sidelines
Nicole is one of the team moms paired with Shannon. I thought the image I took of her racing back to the sidelines after a timeout on the field late during the game says it all. She is running and the players are, well, standing around!

Ethan with a Snow cone Tongue
Way to go team mom!

And very color coordinated, too!

And why is she running? She gets to get back to the sidelines to face Ethan who was busy sampling every kind of snow cone available!

It was a beautiful autumn day for a game and some memories.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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