Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Pause to See the Beauty

Watkins Glen
I can joke about the gorges of Ithaca and Watkins Glen principally because I grew up here and only recently realized how special they are. I remember the saying "Ithaca is gorges." It is of course a play on words--but true nonetheless.

Last year, I was amazed at the waterfalls along the Columbia River in Oregon. I remember their magnificence and beauty. But right here, in my old backyard are also some of those same wonders of the world.

Watkins Glen up the Trail
Yesterday, I was privileged to visit two of those spectacular creations of nature: Watkins Glen and Taughannock Falls

Have I been there before? You bet. Did I remember the magnificence of the water rushing over the falls? No.

I admit, I am pretty focused on wine tasting and gathering material for my wine blog, but it is good to take some time to appreciate the natural beauty around me. Especially during the autumn when the colorful leaves about and provide a once-per-year view of the world.

Hiking just a short way into the Glen (as in Watkins Glen) took me into a place that I rarely visit anymore in the deep woods of a rushing New York stream and the life around it.

Taughannock Falls form the Overlook
October 16, 2015
Similarly, as the group I am traveling with visited Taughannock Falls, I remembered not only standing in the very spot on other occasions in my life, but also hiking the trail in the gorge below to the falls. 

Taughannock Falls framed in Autumn
Framed in the autumnal foliage  I am sure that I had forgotten the beauty and the power of the place. 

A stunning reminder of the beauty that resides just around the corner, if only I take a moment to pause and consider it.

Something to consider. 

Pausing on the path of life to enjoy the scenery.

-- Bob Doan, writing form Dundee, NY

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