Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunlight on the Green Leaves

From the Back Deck
Looking out my window today as the day dawns, I am enjoying the green. I still remember how bare the trees were just a few weeks ago. They have filled out with leaves to catch and filter the light.

The sight is something I want to etch into my mind. 

As I was landing in Baltimore returning from Denver the other afternoon, I looked out the airplane window and saw the trees--they were full of leaves. Just two weeks earlier the leaves were barely visible as I was returning from my trip to Salt Lake City. On the areas surrounding Baltimore, the trees are everywhere and surround the houses in many neighborhoods. 

There is something peaceful about the trees that fill in the spaces around the houses. People sitting next to me on the place remarked about the number of trees in the area. Denver has some trees, but mostly open fields and spaces.

I enjoy the green, and I know that the leaves are not fully deployed yet--soon they will envelop my yard and provide and amazing screen of privacy for the summer.

Next weekend is pool opening weekend! Finally the cover will come off and hopefully the last throes of winter will be past. Outdoor living will begin! 

And the trees will provide privacy, shade, and quiet broken only by the chirping of the birds.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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