Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring Concert

I can tell that the end of another school year is fast approaching. The lasts are beginning to out number the firsts.
Waugh Chapel Elementary Spring Concert
Ethan with Cello

Last evening, I attended the Waugh Chapel Elementary School Spring Concert. It was Ethan's evening to shine and to demonstrate how his cello prowess has improved during the course of another school year. 

Especially with stringed instruments it is easy to follow the progression from disconnected noises to music as a child learns to play. 

I attended the concert which was another well planned event at the school. Elementary schools generally have limited parking and limited seating capacity for the throngs of people who want to attend the concerts. Years ago, the band and the strings performed during the same show--a catastrophe for both seating and parking. Now they wisely separate the performances by about a half hour which allows the string parents and students to clear the seats and making lot in time for the band parents and students to arrive. It is a much more pleasant experience.

Waugh Chapel Elementary Strings performing Rustic Dance by M. Williams.

The advanced strings performed five pieces and I recorded four--suffering a equipment malfunction during the fifth, and of course that would be the one in which Ethan and his cello carried the lead for a long time. 

Waugh Chapel Elementary Strings performing Honor and Glory by S. Newbolt

Waugh Chapel Elementary Strings performing Minuet from the Royal Fireworks by G.F. Handel arranged by J. Capenegro.

Waugh Chapel Elementary Strings performing Let if Go by B. May arranged by P. Lavender.

All of them are available on my You Tube channel. 

Good job to all of the young musicians. Enjoy the show.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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