Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have two very different cats.
Louis Asleep Outside

One sleeps. The extent of Louis' physical activity is getting up to find food or to change sleeping locations. 

He often asked to go outside to sleep in one of the lounge chairs under the deck. I'm not sure he realizes how much he sleeps--but it is a lot. The only time he comes around is in the morning to get some cookies and food. But he is pretty when he sleeps. His disposition in not all that inviting. He is a loner and does not like to be held.
Riordin on the Pool Deck

Rirordin, on the other hand, is a people cat. He is more of a dog than my dog. He is active and around. He likes to sleep, but on or with people. And he plays. He runs with reckless abandon through the house to stay in shape. 

When he goes outside he has to be watched because he figured out how to climb the fence. 

Riordin is a cat who is definitely not happy with the status quo--he wants to be part of everything and greet every person. He even enjoys some of the family dogs that come to visit.

Two cats--two different personalities, one house.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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