Friday, May 1, 2015

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, Colorado, April 2015, Part 2

Out my Hotel Window
April 29, 2015
I was reviewing the post about the scene out my hotel window and I realized that it was a pretty gloomy view. 

Over the past two mornings, however, I was treated to am such more exciting sight out of the window. In the first, the early morning rays of the sun cast long shadows across the land, but the sky is clear and the day is dawning with great promise. 
Pikes Peak
April 30, 2015

In the second,  taken a bit later in the morning, Pikes Peak is in view to the south. The snow capped peak was majestic on the horizon rising almost 9,000 feet above the plains well to the south to an elevation of 14,114 feet.  It is sad that my cell phone camera could not capture the spectacular beauty of the scene that greeted my eyes. 

Out my hotel window the scene changed every day. I'm glad that I took a few moments each day to view the world as the day began.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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