Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baseball, Mulch and Floors

It was a normal Saturday, as weekends go.
Mike Talking to the Pirates after the Game

The baseball game began promptly at 9AM under a hot sun on a field in Odenton. The GORC Pirates gathered to play a game and what a game they played. The team has been struggling offensively, much like the Orioles, but had a breakout day at the plate and in the field. The final score was 28-11, with Jackson getting some critical hits early. The game was truly won during the 6th and final inning when the 5-run scoring cap is removed. Jackson and the Pirates scored 14 times. It was pretty awesome. When the home team came up for the bottom of the inning, I was afraid that it would be a slug-fest for them as well, but the defense stiffened and allowed only one base runner before sealing the victory with the third out.

Chris and Tina Laying New Floor
Then, of course it was onto projects! The lawn needed to be mowed and two yards of mulch needed to be installed in the gardens. Of course, it was getting be the middle of the day and the hot sun shone down mercilessly as we labored. It never ceases to amaze me as to how mulch can restore a garden.

After a short visit to the pool to cool off and then a nap, we received a call from Patrick and Tina wondering if we could help them with a flooring project. And so, at about 5PM we headed off to assist in laying flooring. 

Admiring the New Floor
They had done a great job preparing the room and we hoped them bring the new floor home. After some measurements to determine the squareness of the room, we laid the first row and the fun began. 

The next few hours passed quickly and before we knew it, it was 9PM, the floor was done and we were setting down to eat! What al on day. It began on a baseball field and ended on a new floor. 

Wow! I wonder what today will bring. I believe I will be starting the day on a golf course at Timbers at Troy. But from there? Anything can happen!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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