Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back in the Win Column

It was a doubly good night for my baseball teams last evening.
9-8 victory celebration
Post Game Celebration
May 11, 2015

In an amazing display of batting prowess, the GORC Pirates, Jax's baseball team and the one that I help coach, managed to eke out a one-run victory. That was amazing given the lack of hitting that has plagued the team lately. 

I was happy because each boy on the team contributed to the win both with their bats and with solid plays in the field. And it was a come from behind victory at that, as the team was down by four runs at one point.

My other baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, also played a great game and overcame the Toronto Blue Jays to secure a victory in their first game at home with fans since before the Baltimore unrest. They also got just their second win in seven games against the Blue Jays to get back in the win column after two especially disappointing series against the the teams from the Big Apple.

Playing for the first time ever--or at least in a very long time, wearing home jerseys emblazoned with the Baltimore city name instead of the traditional Orioles, the O's showed that they are truly the pride of our region and a team with class. 

Two teams, two games, great night! Gotta love baseball!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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