Thursday, December 4, 2014

Three Trees in Three Days

First Tree of 2014 in the Family Room
Yup, it is definitely the Christmas Season. Beginning on Saturday, I assembled three Christmas trees in three days. 

Two were in my house. One in the family room upstairs adorned in the white lights that my family is so fond of and the other in the basement recreation room done in colored lights--just for Chris.
Second Tree of 2014 in the Recreation Room

Christmasfying the house took all day--but I've already written a few lines about that.

Then on Monday, after driving my parents home after the Thanksgiving holiday, I helped them assemble their tree. I don't mind assembling Christmas Trees, but I definitely set a record this year in helping get everyone ready for the season. 
Third Tree of 2014 at Mom and Dad's

I was surprised to learn that the first Christmas Tree display in America was in about 1830. Who knew?

Of my three trees, the image I took of the one at my parents house is very intriguing because I can see myself in the mirror. I didn't even notice that as I was taking the image. Definite proof that I took the image!

This is already a special Christmas Season--three trees in three days. I am sure there are more surprises to come.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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