Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Musings - December 1, 2014

1. Blink. November has passed and it is December.

8th Hole at Eisenhower, Crownsville, MD
November 30, 2014
The First Time I Drove a Green
2. I was blessed with good weather enough during the past week to be able to play golf twice. And, in a momentous shot, I drove the green from the tee on a par 3. Then, after I repaired the divot,  I promptly 3-putted for a bogey! Ugh! I still have not carded my first par. I did have 4 bogeys yesterday which is one of my better outings.

3. The house has been Christmasfied. It took an entire Saturday, but we are finally, mostly, ready for the Christmas Season.

4. I read an interesting article about 1 World Trade Center, the new building that replaced the Twin Towers, in the New York Times. Maybe it didn't really need to be built.  
The Christmasfied Family Room

5. The Hallmark Channel is up and running with its continuous supply of sappy Christmas movies. The sad part is, sometimes that are the best things on TV!

6. I had the opportunity to remove the leaves from the lawn again on the last day of November. I wonder what December will bring? But without leaves the green lawn is great to practice my golf swings with practice balls.

7. Interested in a new car that is called a "terrestrial rocket?" Check this one out in the article titled, A Terrestrial Rocket That Defies Gravity. Oh yea, the price is $280K. Who writes reviews about unaffordable cars?

8. December arrived with clear skies and 50 degrees. I wonder when it will happen again? 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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