Sunday, December 7, 2014

Symphony of Lights - 2014

It was a dark and rainy evening. Three grandsons were having an overnight and Chris and I needed a distraction for them. Let me rephrase, not a distraction but rather an event to prepare them for bedtime.

Symphony of Lights immediately came to mind. In the rain? You bet, the lights were on and the car was warm and dry. 

I enjoy the Symphony of Lights in Columbia, Maryland, and although it is not an every year event, the years that I drive through the lights I am reminded of how much fun it is and that I am making a donation to Howard County's only hospital. 
Lucas, Jackson, and Ethan looking at the
Symphony of Lights

I have been by the entrance to the lights an seen cars stacked up waiting to enter for what appears to be an hour or more. Last evening, however, because of the rain, there were no lines and no waiting. Not to self--rainy and dark nights may be the best nights to visit!

It was a fun drive through the lights, listening to Christmas music provided on the local broadcast FM station. All of my old favorites were there. I especially enjoy the cannons lobbing cannon balls over the road as I drive through.

The pictures even came out acceptably this year. The rain added a nice reflection in the foreground and increased the enjoyment.

It was a fun ride and an enjoyable time--especially with no lines and no waiting.

Bob's RECOMMENDATION: Visit the Symphony of Light and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holiday Season. The donation is $20 per car--cash only.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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