Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Game is Over--No, Wait--the judges have to make a ruling

We live in a society that is too quick to say, "see you in court."

Here is the latest. In Oklahoma, a high school football game's results are in court because the referees made a bad call. 

A New York Times article describing the situation is titled, After Referee's Blunder, Next Call is a Judge's. In the balance is whether the last 64 seconds of a semi-final high school football game will be replayed to determine which team will play for the Oklahoma State championship.

Wow--mistakes happen all the time in sports. Why? People are involved.

This could be the end of sports as we know them if the courts can become involved. Sure, its wrong if it's wrong; but bad calls are made all of the time.

The problem? Money!

There is too much money involved in sports even at the high school level.

There are serious issues the courts need to address. Sports are not one of them because sports, after all, are entertainment. The problem is that sports have become too much business. I read recently that the University of Alabama-Birmingham terminated its football program because of expenses. And they actually qualified for a post-season bowl game for the first time in many years. Having to retain a full legal team to review the on-field results of every game or match will only increase the costs associated with sports and ultimately reduce the opportunities available for kids to play.

Leave it on the field--no matter how bad the call! Referees are part of sports and they make bad calls--but bad calls on the sports field should not be a reason for a court date.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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