Saturday, December 20, 2014

Enjoying the Lights in Dundalk

New holiday experiences can be fun and add some variety to the seasonal preparations. Last evening Chris and I along with a few friends went to Captain Larry's, a Baltimore City neighborhood bar, and boarded a school bus to tour the Christmas lights in Dundalk, Maryland.

There are a lot of local jokes about Dundalk--but last evening the joke was on the jokesters as the residents showed off their artistic skills in their holiday decorations. The bus stopped in front of the best yards and the revelers disembarked to enjoy the lights and chat with the owners, it they were lucky enough to be home.

It was fun riding around on a too full bus with other holiday revelers enjoying the lights while also supporting a local charity, BARCS, a no-kill animal shelter.

We learned about the Dundalk Trinity: Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and Baby Jesus all incorporated into one lawn display. Seriously! It was identified more than once by the eagled-eyed viewers on the bus. 

We also learned about yard lights which are matched to music. Dial up an FM radio transmitter and watch the lights dance to the music. It was pretty to watch. I took a short video of the lights at one stop, but couldn't hear the music. I actually thought the video was longer when I was taking it.

It was a full evening. There was also a stop at a neighborhood bar, Howard's Pub and Deli, in Dundalk for food and fuel that broke up the bus ride. Then it was back to scouring the neighborhoods from the big yellow school bus for the best yards. 

Fun and different. A new holiday tradition? Maybe!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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