Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Highways, Traveling, and Holidays

I am in the middle of a round trip to Ithaca to return my parents and officially put an exclamation mark on Thanksgiving. This is my second roundtrip to NY in two weeks. I'm finding that the driving is not so bad--especially when the weather cooperates.

But wow, what a couple of weeks it has been in terms of the weather. The weather has alternated between unbelievably fantastic and horrendous. On the trip north yesterday, I saw signs of the remnants of the ferocious storm that assaulted the Northeast last week--right when everyone was planning to travel for Thanksgiving.

It looks as if it was just plain rotten and I'm glad we got out before it hit. 

I have been traveling a new route to access upstate NY which avoids the hordes of trucks which populate Interstate 81. The driving is easier and fast, now that much of the high speed future interstate has been completed. Some of it has been designated Interstate 99, the New York part. 
My Third Christmas Tree Under Creation

What I have noticed, however, is the impatience of many drivers. They just can't enjoy not being the leader of the cars. The speeds of some drivers is just insane. I am not a slow driver, I use my portion of the speed limit to keep moving along the ribbon of highway. But I like to be safe.

I enjoyed creating my third Christmas Tree of the season with Mom and Dad.

It has been a busy and fun couple of weeks. I'm sad to see it end and slide into the chaos that has become the Christmas Season.

Later today, I'll be back and thrust into the middle of it all--the joy, the work, the craziness, and the excitement all leading up to December 25th. One down and 24 to go!

-- Bob Doan, writing from Danby, NY

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