Friday, January 24, 2014

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, January 2014

Pre-dawn on January 23, 2014
Denver, CO
The forces of nature smote me!

I wrote a couple of days ago about how I was enjoying 60 degree temperatures and snapping images of Pikes Peak while in Colorado while friends and family in the East were suffering through a massive snow storm.  

I woke up in Denver, Colorado, yesterday morning to single digit temperatures, the thermometer in the car actually recorded -1 during the drive to work, and snow! Yup, snow.
Just After Dawn, January 23, 2014
Denver, CO

The scene out my hotel window reminded me of the scene I imaged while in Alaska during February of last year. AND, it was warmer in Alaska when I took the image.

What a terrible thing to do to a guy. Provide enticing warm temperatures one day followed by below zero and snow two days later.
Anchorage, February 2013

I went back into my blog from February and found the Anchorage image. 

It is scary how similar the scenes look!

Snow covered cars and parking lots. The difference of curse is that the snow in Denver will be gone today as the temperatures are supposed to creep close to 60 again. Conversely, I'm not sure the snow ever melted in Anchorage--just kidding.

So, I am duly chastised by the forces of nature for writing the inflammatory blog entry about my warm weather while my family and friends were suffering in the cold and snow. 

-- Bob Doan, back home in Elkridge, MD

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