Sunday, January 19, 2014

It was a cold, but sunny Saturday

The bone chilling cold returned to Maryland and I was greeted with a dusting of snow yesterday as I allowed the dogs to head into the yard for their morning business. I think even they were a bit shocked at the temperature change. And yes, I wrote dogs, plural. We are dog sitting for Ben this weekend and so I have my pair-o-Kees (or two keeshonden) for the weekend.

I admit, yesterday proceeded at a much slower pace than some recent Saturdays that I have written about. We two basketball games, but thankfully they were back-to-back which made for a much more efficient use of time while allowing us to focus on each grandson's efforts individually.

But the real question soon became--what to do on a cold but sunny Saturday.
Food court at the Annapolis Mall
January 18, 2014

Why, let's go to the mall of course!

And so off we went to the mall--in Annapolis. One of the biggest malls in the area. 

It turned out that many other people had the same idea--get out of the house but find somewhere warm to spend the day. Their decision, like ours, was to head off to the mall. 

And it was a good thing we sojourned to the mall because we had one gift card with an approaching expiration date. I bought a new shirt using that gift card and so it wasn't all bad.

Today, escaping the cold will be a bit easier because of the football playoffs. They don't start until a bit later than normal--but the games should be exciting. 

I still dream of being on a hot beach with a cold drink in my hand baking in the Caribbean sun. Now that would be a great Saturday!

Maybe next year.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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