Saturday, January 25, 2014

Out the Hotel Window - Charlottesville, VA January 2014

I must be in one of those fun travel periods. Beginning the week enjoying the warmth of Denver, I am now back into the freezing temperatures of the East.

Out the Hotel Window in Charlottesville, VA

It is cold. But, you know that.

Too cold!

This morning, I awoke to the sunrise over Charlottesville, Virginia, outside my hotel window and through the glass of the multiple stories high atrium than helps to keep the freezing wind away from my window sash.

At the End of the Road at Pearmund Vineyards
Yes, for those who know me it can only mean one thing, my return to Charlottesville--a wine weekend to start off the new year. We visited four wineries/vineyards/cellars (funny how even though they are the same they call themselves different things) on our way here yesterday afternoon. I have another few lined up for the travels today. 

I revisited Pearmund Cellars yesterday and refreshed my remembrance of their wines and some good times that I had with Mom and Dad late last year. What a memorable day that was! Good wines and good wineries seem to get better with age.
Sunset at Marterella Vineyards

In addition to revisiting two other wineries, I also checked out a new one, Marterella Vineyards and enjoyed a spectacular Sangiovese and also an awesome view of the setting sun behind a ridge in the distance. 

Visiting wineries is fun, and I don't just mean drinking wine. The fun comes from conversation with the people I am with and also from meeting new people in the tasting rooms. 

I am convinced that wine is more about relationships and conversation than it is drinking. Conversation begins with the first scent of the wine and continues through the last sip. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Charlottesville, VA

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