Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Out to the Sea

Morning Sky heading out to the Ocean
Fishing the ocean in a small boat on a rough day with storms not only on the horizon, but nearly on top of the intrepid fishermen may seem crazy--but, it was a great way to spend the better part of the day.

Leaving before dawn from a park near Stuart, Florida, to be on the water as the sun arose provided a fantastic start to the day. Dawn is one of my favorite times of the day, and I was not disappointed even though the clouds were heavy with rain.
Turtle Tracks along an Abandoned Boat

It was a beautiful morning though, trolling along the coast for tarpon or other big fish. Sadly, we didn't see any. But, it was enjoyable trolling along the long sandy beach seeing the turtle tracks from the egg laying during the night before. It is reassuring to see so many turtles crawling up the beach to continue their species.
My First Snook

But, there were fish to be had. Deciding that the big tarpon were not in the area despite an abundance of potential breakfast food (read bait fish) we headed to another area to fish for snook--which although out of season to keep are a lot of fun to catch and release. We caught a few of these fairly significant fish and it was nice to see them up close and personal. I did smell like fish for the rest of the day, though. I'm not sure what I was thinking about to have such a serious look on my face--I really didn't want to hurt the fish anymore than hooking it had already done.

Francis and the Snook
Francis also landed two snook during our expedition--here he is holding the second one of the day--we kinda dropped the first one back into the water before I could snap the picture which was good for the fish, but not so good for posterity.

Bill, the owner and captain of the boat can be seen in the background of both pictures. He clearly knew not only where to go for fish but when to be there for the best opportunity of success. I learned a lot about fishing and fish and while I had a lot of nibbles on my bait--I didn't land too many more.

It was a great morning of fishing despite foreboding weather which never materialized.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Jupiter, FL

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