Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art on the Beach

Octopus at Carlin Park Beach
Occasionally, I stumble into some fun activities occurring on the beach. Yesterday was one of those days.

Dragonfly in the Sand
Chris and I had been enjoying another idyllic beach experience when we happened upon a family engaged in a unique and creative competition--sand art. This was not your usual sand art competition based around who can build the biggest castle and moat, but rather who can make the best creature in the sand.

Starfish creation
It was fun to chat with the contestants, who were clearly enjoying themselves. The octopus was big, the starfish creative, but the smaller dragonfly was my favorite.

And it was a Monday on a public beach, in Florida, during the summer.

What a great way to spend some time and energy. Sadly though, like all sand creations, at high tide they become just memories. But, at least I have images to prove they once existed and made the transition from the mind of the artist and into reality for me and the other transient beach goers to enjoy.

What a fabulous way to decompress and spend quality time on the beach.


-- Bob Doan, writing from Jupiter, FL

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