Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Birds I've Seen this Week

Bald Eagles at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
Cameras are awesome things. They allow me to capture images to enjoy and also I often enjoy trying to capture the images. Although, yesterday it seemed that I was more the hunted than the hunter as I was descended upon by a horde of hungry mosquitoes who rather enjoyed the repellent I had applied.

Chris and I visited the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter to view the animals since it was too rainy and cloudy to head off to the beach. Some of them were in the wild, others, like the eagles here, were caged. All of the caged animals were rescued and either in some stage of recovery for eventual release into the wild or were too injured to return to the wild.

Added to the images of birds from other days, we are amassing quite a collection of wildlife images for some unspecified future use.

Shore birds and water birds along with other birds. Maybe I'm a little bit bird brained. Sometimes we even see birds while enjoying happy hour at our favorite watering hole.

All in all, it is great fun watching the birds watching me.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Jupiter, FL

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